Grey Asexuality and Demisexuality


Gray Asexuals and Demisexuals fall somewhere within the Asexual and Sexual spectrum. Like Asexuals themselves, they can be romantically oriented towards people of the opposite sex, the same sex, or to people of all sexes. Gray Asexuality and Demisexuaity are not the same thing, however.



A Demisexual is someone who experiences attraction only after getting to know someone. The process can involve dating. They will not experience arousal until they know a person well. At all other times, they experience the default condition of the Asexual.

The Gray Asexual is similar to the demisexual, but there is one key difference in the process. The Gray Asexual will experience sexual attraction rarely. This level of attraction may or may not be accompanied by a corresponding lack of libido.

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