Heterosexual Pride Flag: Is it Real?

AVEN users decided on the Asexual pride flag a while ago on the forum. Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgender, Polyamorist, and members of the Bear culture each have their own flag. Wikipedia's pride flag page list dozens of symbols. A more recent addition is the Heterosexual pride flag.

The Heterosexual pride flag contains two vertical stripes. A blue stripe represents men, and a pink stripe represents women. A heart separates the two stripes. Asexual News could not find any information about the proposed flag other than what appears on Wikipedia and CRW Sexuality Flag pages. The flag shown as the Heterosexual Pride flag uses black and white horizontal stripes. It does not include a graphic of the flag that appears on Wikipedia.

The Heterosexual Pride movement started last year when a Brazilian mayor decided to declare Heterosexual pride day. People interested in following the new movement can follow the Heterosexual Pride Facebook page. The reader may have trouble deciding if the people are being serious or joking.


CRW Flags

Heterosexual Pride Facebook Page


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YO (01.28.2012 (00:40:41))
Yes No this is stupid
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Zeke (01.28.2012 (04:18:03))
Yes No I... what.
Jegus, this IS stupid.
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Jill (01.29.2012 (09:21:14))
Yes No I can understand why heterosexuals would want a flag. If every other sexuality & related subculture has a symbol to represent them, why not straights? Yeah, they may not need it as a source of empowerment or something, but it's no less of a sexuality than the others.

The heterosexual pride movement & day though....THAT'S a bit too much. I'm curious, what could they need a movement for? Straights don't need to come out or worry about disownment, discrimination or abuse for being straight. The most acceptable & common sexuality does not need a movement or their own day.
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Julie (01.29.2012 (17:44:21))
Yes No The Facebook page is a joke. If you looked in the description, you'd see it's more of making fun of things like gay pride and other things they view of as "flaunting your sexuality in other people's faces." The page has nothing to do with being proud of being straight and it seems to have a fairly large amount of likes from people who aren't straight. Also I couldn't seem to find the heterosexual pride flag shown in the picture of either of the links, but I did see a bunch of other flags (which were completely different). And Brazil just seems to discriminate a lot in general, so no surprise there.

Even if this were real, it's hypocritical of us to say anything negative about it. The asexual community has gotten quite a bit of crap about how we're supposedly "privileged " or "sick" so shouldn't have any pride of our own sexuality. While we may not agree with it it's not our place to judge, and we should know that better than anyone else.
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Jun (07.16.2012 (11:28:07))
Yes No Well Jill, now that heterosexual people are actually being targeted and hated for their sexuality, I'd say it's about time for us to have our own flag and possibly even a pride day.
I understand that gays and bisexuals have a lot of problems fitting in to society, but that doesn't excuse the extremist minority among them for their actions, and we need to speak out and remind people that it's not a case of homo = good/hetero = bad, it's a case of two different types of people with no right or wrong. If there's no right or wrong, both should have their own identity - It doesn't matter who's the majority.
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Defy (08.18.2014 (14:57:22))
Yes No My hometown has been usurped due to a targeted city takeover over the past 20 years, and every family event has been replaced by gaycentric spectacles. We have to go out of our own city to find a restaurant that doesn't treat straight people (especially women) like lepers. Such hypocrisy. I'd fly this flag if only to remind them that, without us, they wouldn't exist.



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