Was J.M. Barrie, Author of Peter Pan, Asexual?

Children's books rarely focus on sex or sexuality. Peter Pan is no exception. The book tells the story of a group of young men who refuse to enter adulthood. Peter Pan's attitude toward adulthood reflect the opinions of the author. The author's sexuality is not known, but J.M. Barrie, may belong on the list of famous Asexuals.

Barrie had an unhappy childhood. David Barrie, his mother's favorite, died when he was 13. J.M. Tried to replace the missing son, but met with limited success. His interest in games and penny dreadfuls did not inspire hope for the child's future. Barrie's parents believed him to be little more than an immature dreamer. The happiest times of his childhood occurred when he studied at the Dunfries Academy. The coeducational school gave him a chance to get away form his meddling parents..

Barrie's parents wanted their son to become a minister, and they paid for his education. Barrie completed his education as a minister, but attempts to become a professional writer. His work appeared in newspapers for many years before becoming a playwright. Barrie did not normally maintain close relationships with women, even though he flirted with the actresses of the day. A young actress named Mary Ansill caught the playwright's attention. Barrie wanted to take his relationship with Ansill beyond flirting, even though his own diaries reveal that he harbored doubts. Excerpts from his diaries mention childhood nightmares of being married. Long-remembered dreams may have contributed to the lack of success. Many people believe that their marriage was never consummated.

The lack of interest in marriage, the lack of interest in relationships point to an Asexual orientation. Others argue that his portrayal of children and his close relationships with children make it more likely he was a pedophile. Hard evidence does not confirm the assertion of either side, but  the existence evidence points to the Asexuality of J.M. Barrie.


J.M. Barrie

Was the Author of Peter Pan a Pedophile?

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M (01.29.2012 (09:16:50))
Yes No Actually his lack of interest in marriage or in relationships doesn't really make him asexual but could just make him aromantic. Asexuality being the lack of sexual attraction doesn't really have to do with him not wanting a relationship or marriage, unless he explicitly didn't want sex.
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barry waterfield (10.13.2013 (13:51:10))
J.M. Barrie Yes No Most people miss the point when looking into the private life of J.M.Barrie. He was a boy, he never grew into a full man mentally and consequently the attractions that sometimes capture full men did not really register. Yes he could complete the formalities and even go to bed with a woman but his heart was not in it because he still had the mind of a child. There are a lot of people that fit the same dynamic and a lot comply with the 'norm' for formalities sake but remain unhappy. All great artists retain something of their childhood it is a part of their charm and their success.God bless them for it.



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