Taking Offense Immediately to Perceived Anti-Asexual Statements Is Not Always Wise

Asexuals who are often desperate for any recognition may take statements out of context. A recent post on an LGBT advice blog contained wording that suggested Asexuality was a handicap. It is easy to take offense to the wording chosen in a recent column, especially if someone takes the words out of context. Offense is even more likely to occur when they are attributed to the wrong source. The blog in question merely quoted a teenager asking for advice.

Asexuality is not a handicap, nor is it the result of one. It is an orientation, although there are conditions that can cause a person’s libido to decline. Asexual communities welcome people who feel this way, although they often do advise such people to see a doctor. The Youthline.ca blog said that the teenage years are an incredibly confusing time and there was nothing wrong with the way the letter writer felt.

Advice columnists know that they are not therapists, even though they try to give advice and counsel. Columnists make suggestions that lead truly troubled individuals in the direction of the help they need.

The original request came from someone in middle school. Middle school is a time where some people have not yet developed interest in the opposite sex, and other people have not yet realized their sexuality.

Neither Asexual activists nor disability advocates need to get up in arms about the LGBT Youth blog post. The advice given does not relate to Asexuality, nor does it negate it. It simply affirms the idea that not everyone needs to be in a romantic relationship. The post ended on a positive note. The author said that the youth’s desire for companionship was entirely normal, even if it did not take the form of companionship that his peers seemed to be choosing.


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