Who Serves the Needs of Asexual Adults?

Buzzfeed published an Asexuality 101 piece. The Oxford Student and several other university newspapers produced  their own Asexuals exist stories. AVEN, the largest Ace organization, focuses on Asexual visibility. Members cheer when media outlets cover their orientation, but they do not demand in-depth coverage. Perhaps the oddest thing about such stories is that they tend to come out at the same time, and they all focus on college or high school students.. Focusing on young Asexuals exclusively causes a problem. Older people start thinking Asexuality is a new fad.


Recent books help counter this thinking. Anthony F. Bogaert's "Understanding Asexuality," published last year, is one example. Lesser-known scientific studies show a broad age range for Aces, but these studies are not widely known.. (Asexual Explorations provides links to academic articles about Asexuality).

Although the visibility efforts focus on youth, there are people, including one nurse, who worry about the problems Asexuals who are senior citizens face. There are many Asexuals who are between college age and retirement. There is a need – a very real need – to address the needs of this group. Making alliances with groups like PFLAG can help. Like many other Asexual activism efforts, this must start at the grass-roots levels.


Buzzfeed enthusiastically introduces asexuality

Visiting Film Maker Spotlights Asexuality

Asexuality: the sexuality that isn't.

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Chelle (04.24.2013 (19:55:47))
Yes No I couldn't care less about sex. I am not gay, but I am not attracted to men either. However, my mother is gay, so I am familiar with PFLAG. I guess they might help some, but for me, they just weren't my cup of tea.



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