Not quite Asexual Characters from Television and elsewhere


Asexual Flag mugThe number of open Asexuals on television is slim. Even though there are characters who do not actively try to be asexual, a number of characters give off Asexual vibes. If you are looking for serious coverage of Asexual issues, this article does not aim to provide. All it does is speculate on characters who sexuality was left ambiguous but not explored in anyway.

From the Realm of Science Fiction:

Perhaps the most prominent human character with asexual vibes comes from the Star Trek universe. Captain Jean Luc Picard never seems to have much time for romance. Sure, he had feelings for Beverly Crusher in some episodes but he never seems to act upon them. He is married to his career.

Of course, people usually point to Data as the Asexual character on the show. This is true, but Data is an android and still manages to go on more dates than Picard. Of course, the British gave us Doctor Who.

From the Realm of Paranormal Horror:

The author did not watch enough of the X-files to know whether Muller and Sculdy had a romantic asexul thing going on. However, the predecessor to the X-Files, Kolchak: the Night Stalker had a character who had no romantic interest. This could be in part because his girlfriend disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the original made for TV movie. It could also be because the show ran for less than a season. The most likely cause is that a person investigating and hunting monsters every week simply doesn't have time for a girlfriend. Nevertheless, the subject of sex is only lightly touched upon by the writers.

From the Realm of Drama:

Two characters, both from the Fox Network, give off an Asexual vibe of some sort, but neither is Asexual. Until very recently, Dr. Gregory House fit the bill of the Romantic Asexual. He used women of negotiable virtue to satisfy his sexual desires but did little to engage in romance. The current season’s relationships with Cuddy does not work well with the dynamics

The other Fox character wh0 compartmentalizes her baser drives abut appears Asexual while on scree is the character of Doctor Temperance Brennan on the hit series Bones. Unfortunately, the writers have made it extremely clear that Brennan is not asexual.

Ambiguous Characters in Web Comics

Asexual News is going to go out on a limb and proclaim the character Susan from El Goonish Shive as Asexual. Oddly, she's the only character in the series whose sexuality is not spelled out explicitly. When the other characters give in to their baser instincts, Susan remains the voice of reason. Given the character's prominent featuring of a Teddsexual, it seems odd that an Asexual would not slip into the comic openly somewhere.

Now that you have read this you probably asking for the three to five minutes of your life back that it took to read this.




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