American Family Association calls for boycott of Old Navy

Clothing retailer Old Navy offered LGBT pride shirts in honor of Gay Pride month. The shirts went on sale only in Urban areas. The retailer made this choice, in part of consideration of the sensibilities of its customers.

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission suggested Christian consumers take their business elsewhere. Gary Cass, a spokesperson for the Christian group accused the store of promoting a lifestyle that is “a complete rebellion against God”. Cass expressed dismay over the retailers decision to offer the shirts and said the Christian Anti-Defamation commission is now facing the difficult task of expressing its anger and its dismay.

DDrop by your Old Navy store in your community and tell them you’re not going to shop at Old Navy until they get their minds right”, said Bryan Fischer of the American Family association. Fischer is joined by three other leaders of his group in suggesting an organization. An earlier attempt by the group to boycott the Home Depot had little impact on the home improvement chains sales figures.

Old Navy did not offer any Asexual products in its clothing line and made a decision not to sell the LGBT pride t-shirts in its stores in smaller communities. Part of the proceeds go to Dan Savage's “It Gets Better Project”. Many organizations have supported the “It Gets Better Project” because of its stated goal of preventing suicide.

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